Grants for Players

Local Sporting Champions

This is for players or officials aged 12-18 to assist with travel to NATIONAL competitions. It is provided by the Australian Sports Commission through the AIS. More info HERE

Sapphire Coast Arts & Sports Development Fund

Set up locally to provide assistance to students from the Bega Valley aged under 18 years to help them further their interests in sports and arts. More info HERE

Personal Sponsorship

If you have goals beyond playing for your club and have a good plan to achieve those dreams, showing representative selection and commitment — don't be afraid to ask local businesses for sponsorship, but please talk to a Club official first to make sure you are on the right track.

Club Assistance

If you are or your family are having financial hardships of any sort at any time, please contact a club official to confidentially discuss how the club may be able to assist with fees/travel etc. in relation to Club games or representation.